Are you looking for Japanese used cars or trucks for sale to bring to Australia, the UK, Ireland or Canada? We are exporters of vehicles ranging from cheap to expensive, from the auto auctions in Japan. We can export cars to dealers or private buyers, if they are allowed to import cars. Our specialty is used sports cars, used 4wd vehicles, trucks, 1995 1996 and 1997 used cars, we can also find right hand drive ( RHD ) cars. So if you want us to find you a second hand car, we're sure we can get you a good FOB price!

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At X-Cars we are glad to help customers from importers to private buyers. We can find you a nearly new cars, sports cars or the popular 15 year old cars which are great value. Japan auction centres are restricted to those with membership, unlike other countries where anbody can go to an auction and buy a car. We have dealer membership to all major auction centres and can bid at them on your behalf.

What is special about X-cars is that we can offer live access to the USS auction house, where you can search for your car. You can get access buy completing and submitting our request form. This form is a no obligation form.

We also provide regular updated pre-auction details of used cars from other auction house’s, that we think are good buys, and worth a look for you. These can be found at the top of most pages in our web-site or from the Pre-auction details button on the main menu. We have done this as we aren’t able to offer access to these auction houses web-sites.


Distribution of used car in Japan

In Japan almost all used cars change hands on the the auction network in some way or another. Cars are seldom sold privately, they are generally traded in when buying new cars or sold to used car buying companies like Gulliver a major chain company doing this work. Who in turn sell the cars on the auction network.

System of Auto auctions

In Japan auctions are high-tech business and around 60,000 cars are put up for sale every week. Each cars has an extensive inspection and is graded before being auctioned. These inspections are very strict in my opinion and when you see the cars in person they are in better condition than you expected.

Auction grading and Auction sheets

There is a strict grading system which should give you piece of mind when you are choosing a car from the auction network. Each car has an inspection and a auction sheet given, what is written here is very accurate and sometimes over exaggerated where a small dent will be given a lower mark than it deserves, this works in favour of the buyer.

Importation restrictions

There are many different laws relating to the importation of used cars to many contries, some Japanese model are slightly different from the foreign models,there fore we have provided some links to where you can find information about the laws in your contries, but you are obliged to find out if you are eligible to import a car to your country. We have no responsibility if your car is rejected or other fees are had in your country.

Auction houses in Japan

We have the memberships with almost all of the auctions shown the below. The bidding is done by our professional dealer, who has over five years experience of buying cars. He will never make a bid over what you have specified. If he can buy the car for less than you specified, which he is hoping to do, we will only charge you the winning bid price!

Yahoo auctions

We are also able to make bids at Yahoo Auctions, you can watch the auction on your PC. We don’t recommend buying a cars found on Yahoo. Yes, they are cheaper than those at the true auctions, but they have had no inspection, just the sellers word. There is a good chance of buying a lemon here and that would be a shame, as you have gone to so much trouble to find a good car! All said and done, if you find a car that you are willing to take a gamble on we are happy to bid on it for you.

Any type of car can be found, just ask one our team and they'll do their best to find you your dream car for the best price possible! Of course if your country allows importation without age restrictions, we can find newer cars also.

Toyota Hiace for sale

Isuzu Elf can be exported to buy at auto auctions. .